Rosehip oil is extracted from the seeds of rose bushes; it is full of antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids that are proven to do wonderful things to face. It is really good for the skin because it contains powerful and essential fatty acids that improve skin hydration, flexibility and helps in skin cell repair and renewal. Rosehip oil is very helpful in reduction of scars and stretch marks, balancing and hydrating the skin and combating fine lines and wrinkles. It is bundled with beauty essentials like vitamins A and C along with anti-inflammatory fatty acids.


  • 100% organic formula and does not contain any kind of sulfates, mineral oil, and harmful chemicals.
  • The constrictive properties in rosehip oil help in tightening skin pores and brightening skin.
  • Effective solution to fading scars, the ultimate combination of vitamins A and C and anti-inflammatory fatty acids help in fading any facial scars or unsightly marks.
  • Regular use helps in even and flawless skin.


Weight: 200ml

Key Ingredient:

Organic rose petals

Rs. 400

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