KareKraft Mist is extracted from Indian Mogra (Jasmine) petals by steam distillation process to retain all natural purities for the maximum benefits for the skin. The organic mogra mist is a perfect solution to help skin regain moisture, which treats sensitive and dry skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in relieving stressed skin while it calms the nerves and eliminates tension by uplifting the mood. Its regular use provides the benefits of a moisturizing lotion as well as a skin toner thus providing a younger and brighter looking skin.


  • 100% organic formula and does not contain any kind of sulfates, mineral oil, and harmful chemicals.
  • Mogra Mist helps in maintaining the skin's pH balance, and helps in reduction of pigmentation fine lines.
  •  The steam distillation process to extract this mist ensures a high level of purity and hygiene.
  • Regular use will naturally nourish and moisturize your hair and skin.


Weight: 100ml

Key Ingredient:

Organic mogra (Jasmine) Petals

Rs. 450

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