KareKraft Gooseberry oil nourishes the scalp and is perfect solution for hair loss and dandruff. It helps in prevention of premature greying of the hair. Gooseberry is known for its quality to strengthen the hair. It is an effective moisturizer for dry & frizzy hair and keeps scalp supple, firm. Essential fatty acids helps in strengthening hair follicles and work against hair loss, apart from being an great hair conditioner it is also acts as an effective treatment for dandruff control. The high iron and carotene content help in stimulating hair growth and enhancing the natural color of your hair.


  • 100% organic formula and does not contain any kind of sulfates, mineral oil, and harmful chemicals.
  • Regular use helps in blood circulation to all cells and prevents hair fall by strengthening them from roots.
  • Users have agreed that oil has helped them in promoting hair growth and helped in treating dry, itchy scalp and dandruff which are main cause to hair fall.
  • Gooseberry oil promotes hair growth and also helps get rid of dry and itchy flakes from the scalp and removed any kind of dirt and pollutants from the follicles, enhancing overall scalp health.

Key Ingredient:

Gooseberry extracts oil, pure coconut oil and herbs.

Rs. 650

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